Pool Table Rentals

Pool Table Rentals

Why Choose Us?

The party is not complete without a beauty of a table worth gathering around.

Rack up a little excitement and watch them stretch & shape on the pool table.

INTERPOOL allows you to mix business & pleasure on our range of pool tables. Whether it’s a brand launch, or a corporate party, a Trade show or a VIP Event, Interpool would create that perfect Pool lounge for guests.

Our top premium service allows the client to have the table installed on the desired space. The customer does not have to worry about anything, and can enjoy their reunion/event with their pool table set up ready to entertain guests.


It is important for the customer to know, that the table can weigh up to 700 or 900 pounds, depending on model and size.

We are experts in that, and can handle the table with the care it needs, we assemble it the correct way and level it for a good game play experience.