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Established in 2009, Interpool had its 10th Anniversary in December 2019, celebrating 10 years of Success with customers in over 30 countries within in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Home to some of the world’s finest brands in the Game Table industry and #1 supplier for Billiards, Snooker, English Billiards, Russian Billiards, Carom, Car Pool Tables, Foosball, Air-Hockey, Table Tennis, Darts, Shuffleboard, Accessories and more.

Interpool partners with world class brands like: American Heritage (USA), Brunswick (USA), Olhausen (USA), Valley Billiard (USA), Car Pool Tables (USA), Toulet (France), Cornilleau (France), Rene Pierre (France), Sam Billiards (Spain), Xavigil (Portugal), Riley (UK), Hainsworth (UK), FAS (Italy), Longoni (Italy), Tornado (USA), Wiraka (China), just to name a few.

Interpool’s dedicated inhouse team of experienced technicians will efficiently manage all aspects of Delivery, Installation, Levelling, Alignment, Table Refurbishment, Cloth Change, Cushion Repair, Cue & Tip Repair, Table Shifting and Relocation. From Billiard Coaching, Buying or Renting, Coin-Operated, Out-Door or Pre-Owned tables, we have it all under on roof.

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INTERPOOL is UAE’s # 1 Premium Supplier for all Cue Sports, namely Billiards, Snooker, Russian Billiard, Carom, along with World Class Billiard Accessories.  We also showcase Game Tables like Shuffleboard, Foosball, Air-hockey, Table Tennis, Darts and Arcade Games.

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