6 Premium Quality Pool Tables for Home Use in 2020

Over the years, the company has definitely earned the much deserved fame specialising in some of the finest brands of pool tables. They include all the various types from some of the top-notch brands of Billiard, Carom, Foosball and others. By providing a wide range of value added products along with authentic post sales services.

Luxurious| Modern Pool Tables

We provide customers with a wide range of options under the luxurious modern pool tables. The Billiard tables can never fail to capture one’s attention. They are extremely modern, aesthetic as well as attractive.

  1. Black Light


The Black Light Pool table has become extremely trending in the modern times. Each of the Black Light Pool table are completely customized and inbuilt with the top-notch quality products.

  1. Enzo


Enzo is a popular kind of luxurious pool table in Dubai which are handcrafted with the best quality wood as well as lacquer. Such products of uncompromising quality can definitely make such pool tables look extremely spectacular and therefore add on to the beauty of one’s house.

  1. Tavolo

This is the most highly sought after products that are crafted by some of the best artisans from all over the world. There is a fine balance between the lines as well as the curves which make these luxurious pool tables extremely eye-catching in their appearance.

Classic| Vintage Pool Tables

This particular category of Classic pool tables that one can easily find under the wide range of other options on Interpool is something that can never fail to mesmerize someone. This is because such pool tables have the right amount of traditional look as well as Victorian style added to it.

  1. Da Vinci

Di-vin chi

The Da Vinci pool table are sold exclusively at Pottery Barn, Bloomingdales as well as Crate and Barel. They are handcrafted with the best quality wood along with steel which add on to the stunning aspect of such pool tables.

  1. Quest


This is an extremely special kind which is inbuilt with hardened steel coupled with the famous tight grained wood of the American Oak trees. Hence, they can provide the right amount of urban feel along with their magnificent Victorian style.

  1. Savannah


These kind of Classic pool tables are extremely popular for their rustic wooden texture which highlights the industrial metal effect as well as the spectacular turnbuckles. Therefore, if you are thinking where to buy best pool table in Dubai, then Interpool is the right place for you to find such unique pieces.

Dining Pool Tables

If you are thinking of giving that aesthetic touch to your residential space, then Interpool is here to take care of it all. Interpool ensure to provide some of the most attractive dinning pool tables that can serve a dual role apart from adding on to the beauty of the house. As the name suggests, they can be used as a billiards table as well as a dining table.