The Most Luxurious Pool Tables that People Love To Own

A simple lawn game evolved to be one of the well-known sports in history! Yes, a pool table sport was the first-ever sport to have a world championship in 1873. It was an extraordinary game that excited both the elite class and the commoners and was played by both! The first pool table was coin-operated which was patented in the year 1903.

Pool table games ware the safest games that required a lot of skill to play. The first pool table was only made of a bed of stone and a cloth covering, but now we have a plethora of luxurious pool tables that are a perfect match to your standards and personality!

Let’s look at the top 10 luxurious pool tables of the year 2020.

Pool tables are not just seen as equipment for playing games! They have much more to it. They add beauty and elegance to the area where they are spaced.

Apart from just being used as a gaming space, they can be easily transformed into conference tables and dining tables that fit into your space just about right! The variance in the styles, designs, and colors of the pool tables these days helps them to blend with the ambiance making the whole room posh! Such pool tables can be found at Interpool, a company that has partnerships with the finest of brands who are skilled at manufacturing pool tables and bring you the best high-quality pool tables.

They have exclusive pool tables of the highest standard and class!

Black Light Pool Table

Black Light pool table

The Black Light pool table has completely changed the way traditional billiard games work. It is a 100% France made product and each piece is guaranteed to stand out from the rest.

They are perfectly personalized according to the desires of the client taking into careful consideration each of their concerns. Each table is crafted using top-of-the-line materials to satisfy the luxurious desires of the clients.

They weigh 500 kgs and they guarantee unbeatable play quality with sound-proofed ball return system from decorated leather pockets. Its metal chassis is straightened and placed under tension using tighteners to provide perfect flatness. This increases the playing experience of the player.

The Black Light pool table is one prestigious piece that is exclusively made for you! Own this table from Interpool who value their customer’s satisfaction more than anything and strive to provide them with nothing but the best! They provide you with a lifetime guarantee so why wait anymore? Choose Black Light, choose exclusivity!

Enzo Pool Table

The Enzo has always been standing out for its excellent style and craftsmanship! It is yet another pool table masterpiece from Portugal. The best wood which gives strong stability to the table structure and the finest lacquer used in this table adds to its fabulousness.

The best pool tables have a smooth finish to its playing area. Enzo uses Grade 1 Brazilian Slates that provide the perfect smooth finish. These pool tables come in sizes ranging from 7-9 feet.

They are available in classy colors of white and black with the paly field made of stone(slate). They can also be transformed into a fine dining table that adorns your house.

Tavolo Pool Table

Tavolo pool table

The Tavolo is an exquisite piece created by experienced artisans and craftsmen who have expertise in discerning the accurate balance between fine lines and curves.

This is another unique piece from Portugal which has a table frame that is delicately balanced over elegant conical legs that hold the entire table. The Brazilian Slates and the high-speed cushion rubber hold the table together and provide you with the most desired pool table.

Interpool sells you these remarkable pieces which come in colors of black and white with a wide selection of cloth colors. Choose the kind of wood finish you want: Oak, Mahogany, Wenge, Cherry tree, and more choices that are available in different cloth colors. They and can also provide features to be used as a dining table.

Meteor Pool Table

This three-piece slate pool table has for sure taken design and style to a whole new level. This metallic cross-legged beauty is featured in the pool and carom version. It is an exclusive piece made of steel and oak which adds elegance to its already classy look.

They are available in a size of 7 to 8 feet which is long enough to be transformed into a dining table for 10 people. They weigh about 280 to 340 kg and comes in a variety of cloth colors. Buy yours at Interpool without missing out on this!

Lambert Pool Table

Lambert pool table

The Lambert pool table is one of a kind. This is a bold piece with a contemporary design that Toulet and Lambert bring to you through the Number 1 platform, Interpool.

These pieces are 100% customizable. Choose the wood color of your choice be it matte, glossy, or a natural finish. The Iwan Simonis competition-quality cloth comes in more than 28 different colors that will leave you puzzled to choose one! This one is one of the nicest pool tables since it has standard pockets, sound-proof centralized ball returns, and flexible legs. Turn them into a glass top or wooden top dining table in less than a minute!

Evolution Pool Table

Evolution pool table

This is an absolute Connoisseur Delight crafted with care from Portugal. It is undoubtedly the best billiard table for your home. It is a stunning piece that is modern and beautiful. It has been crafted by the finest men and has striking corners along with beautiful edges contributing to the elegance of the evolution pool table.

They can be high gloss lacquered in any color of your choice. Choose the kind of wood finish you need and Interpool will personalize this elite piece for you. With a table size of 8.5 feet and the playing field made of stone, this is a bold and modern table that is sure to be the talk of your town!

Luxor Pool Table

An extremely luxurious pool table made in the USA is the Olhausen Luxor pool table. The most recent, newly made design from America’s largest game room furnishing manufacturer is standing out among the most luxurious pool tables. It has been designed with utmost precision and eloquence by master craftsmen by using solid American Maple wood.

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The ultra-modern matte black lacquer finish along with the brushed aluminum cladding adds to its beauty.

Interpool offers you this unique piece with premium features such as Olhausen Accu-Fast lifetime guaranteed cushion rubbers, a 1″ three-piece hardwood backed Brazilian late playfield, and a built-in accessory storage drawer that offers you luxury along with comfortability!

Riley Ray Pool Table

The Riley Ray pool table is one of the best pool tables at Interpool. They differ from the others since they are crafted with traditional values and provides a completely fabulous playing experience. It mimics the flowing curves of a manta ray and adapts so well to a home environment.

The production methods and strategies that go into making this table have been used for over 100 years to produce such special pieces. A lot of minute work and focus goes into making this high quality and standard piece having cutting edge designs that any player would love to own.

They are available at a size of 8ft to 9ft in colors of satin black and satin white. It is made of top-quality Riley K55 series cushion rubber and brushed steel pocket plates. They contain tournament drop pockets with a good cloth and necessary accessories.

Picasso Pool Table

Picasso is a pool table that focuses on contemporary design styles. It has a very subtle and aesthetic look to it due to its curved leg structure, uniquely styled curved mount, and professionally styled rubber cushions.

This pool table can be quickly transformed into a multi-purpose table to do anything you want. In addition to a wooden top and a glass top, they also provide a wooden top with a reversible table tennis top which adds to its benefits.

This piece can fit into any environment with its size ranging from 7ft to 9ft. Choose the color of your choice among the 20+ colors available.

Mazik Pool Table

The Mazik is yet another top-line pool table which is known for its design and classy look. It is a very attractive piece that captures the attention of anyone who passes by.

You can choose the cloth color and wood finish of your choice that perfectly complements the area you are going to fit it into. The slanted crossed legs of this piece are to be appreciated.

It seamlessly blends with the environment it is placed in and proves to be one of the top 10 luxurious pool tables of 2020.

Well, if you would like to choose luxury in games, choose Interpool without a doubt. They have partnerships with top brands and provide the highest quality of products. They produce a line of the most luxurious pool tables that suit your taste and reflect your style.

Gaming is a passion! Then why compromise on anything that aids your passion?